NDIS in Sydney – Socially Thriving with Disability: Creative Tips

ADCS Sydney

Living with a disability in Sydney might bring special challenges. Still, people can overcome these barriers by focusing on their unique abilities and skills rather than concentrating only on their limitations. This approach fosters a positive outlook and encourages independence and empowerment, which are essential for achieving a fulfilling and quality life.  At Australian Disability […]

What are the Different Types of Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a set of intricate neuro-developmental disorders that impact one’s behaviour, social interactions, and overall ability to engage with their environment. There are several symptoms associated with autism that can vary widely in intensity depending on the person and affect people in many different ways. People with autism may encounter the […]

How to Get a Disability Parking Limit?

Disability Parking

Living with a disability presents unique challenges, and one aspect that can significantly impact the daily lives of individuals with limited mobility is parking. To address this concern, the Australian government has implemented the Mobility Parking Scheme, providing disability parking permits to eligible residents.    This comprehensive blog will walk you through the entire process […]