How to Get a Disability Parking Limit?

Disability Parking

Living with a disability presents unique challenges, and one aspect that can significantly impact the daily lives of individuals with limited mobility is parking. To address this concern, the Australian government has implemented the Mobility Parking Scheme, providing disability parking permits to eligible residents. 


This comprehensive blog will walk you through the entire process of obtaining a disability parking permit in Australia, covering eligibility criteria, application procedures, costs, and important considerations.

What Disability Qualified for Disability Parking Limit?

Before discussing how to apply for a disability parking limit, it’s crucial to understand the eligibility criteria for obtaining a parking permit in Australia. You may be eligible for the Australian Disability Parking Limit if the following condition applies:

  • You may be eligible for a permit if you cannot walk due to a permanent or temporary loss of use of one or both legs or other medical or physical conditions.
  • If your physical condition is detrimentally affected due to walking 100 meters, you may also qualify.
  • Eligibility extends to those needing crutches, a walking frame, callipers, scooters, wheelchairs, or similar mobility aids.
  • Additionally, individuals who are permanently blind are eligible for the permit.

How can individuals apply for a disability parking permit?

Individuals can apply for a disability parking permit by following the below steps:


Fill Out the Disability Parking Limit Application Form:

Fill out all the details asked in disability parking permit application form designed for individuals, available in a PDF format with a file size of 240.6 KB.

Medical Practitioner Involvement:

Proceed to a medical practitioner with the application form, ensuring that they complete and sign the pertinent sections of the document.

Submission and Payment Process:

After obtaining the necessary medical practitioner’s input, return the completed application form and the required fee to a Service SA centre. This marks the final step in the application process for the disability parking permit.


How can organisations apply for a disability parking permit?

Disability Parking NSW

The steps to apply for a disability parking limit are as follows: 


Step 1: Review the eligibility criteria to ensure you meet the requirements for a disability parking limit.


Step 2: Gather all necessary documents for uploading. Having them ready is crucial as the application cannot be saved or resumed once started.


Step 3: Click the ‘Apply online’ button to begin the application process.


Step 4: Log in to your MyServiceNSW Account or create a new one.


Step 5: Select and verify your identity documents. Once verified, proceed by clicking ‘Continue with the application.’


Step 6: Choose whether you are applying for a new permit, renewal, or replacement, and click “Next”.


Step 7: Enter all required information accurately. Upload the necessary documentation to support your application.


Step 8: Enter your concession card details if you are eligible for a concession. Review your application thoroughly to ensure accuracy.


Step 9: Familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions associated with the application. Check the declaration boxes and submit your completed application.


Step 10: Await a confirmation email. Your application will be reviewed, and you may be contacted for payment processing or further instructions. If you prefer an in-person approach, visit a service centre with all your documents. The staff can guide you on obtaining a disabled parking permit in NSW.

What are the different disability parking limits available in Australia?

Three different types of mobility parking permits are available in Australia to fulfil the different needs of individuals. These are as follows:

Individual (Blue Card):

Issued on a five-year basis, the blue card is designated for those with a permanent disability.

Temporary (Red Card):

Contrasting the blue card, the red card is a temporary permit for up to six months, intended for individuals with temporary disabilities like a leg injury.

Organisation (Green Card):

Organisations offering transport services for individuals with disabilities can obtain a green card.

Disability Parking Permit Costs, Renewals, and Replacements:

Visit the NSW Government Fee Page to stay informed about the current fees associated with applying for or renewing a disability parking permit in NSW. 

Eligibility for Concession 

Eligible concession card holders benefit from a fee waiver for application and renewal processes for Individual or Temporary permits. A nominal fee is applicable solely for permit replacements.


It’s important to note that NSW Health Care Card holders applying for a replacement card and those possessing an interstate-issued pensioner concession card are not eligible for NSW permit concessions.

Where Am I Allowed to Park With a MobilityParking Limit in NSW?

In NSW, a mobility parking permit allows parking in disability symbol spaces when the eligible cardholder is present, but time-limited spaces have restrictions. The permit doesn’t apply to others, akin to a ‘No Stopping’ sign. Concessions include free parking in metered areas for permit holders.

Where Am I Not Allowed to Park with a Disability Parking Limit?

The mobility parking scheme in NSW establishes the rules for parking privileges for individuals with disabilities. A disability parking permit allows you to park in any space marked with the symbol for people with disabilities. 


This concession also includes the following allowances:

  • If a space is designated for more than 30 minutes of parking, a disabled person can park there indefinitely.
  • In spaces designated for 30 minutes of parking, a disabled person can park for up to 2 hours.
  • For spaces designated for less than 30 minutes of parking, a disabled person can park for 30 minutes.
  • At locations with a ‘No Parking’ sign, a person

Ending Note

Securing a disability parking permit in Australia is a valuable resource for individuals with limited mobility. By understanding the eligibility criteria and following the step-by-step application process, you can gain access to designated parking spaces, making daily activities more accessible. 


Whether applying online or in person, the goal is to enhance the mobility and independence of individuals living with disabilities, ensuring they can navigate their communities with ease. If you have further questions or need assistance with the application process, please contact the Australian Disability Care Service


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Whether assisting with daily tasks or navigating the disability parking permit process, ADCS is here to enrich lives and contribute meaningfully to our communities. Contact us to know more.


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