Wellbeing Action Tool

How the Wellbeing Action Tool works

The cornerstone of building wellbeing lies in discovering what methods resonate with you.

That’s why we developed our Wellbeing Action Tool. Crafted in collaboration with the community, we discovered the significance of finding meaning in the small yet significant aspects of life, as well as the value of having a space to record what techniques work and why.

Whether you’re seeking a reset or aiming to enhance your wellbeing journey, our Wellbeing Action Tool is tailored to meet your needs.

Good Wellbeing Action Tool

Identify what works

You know yourself, your life and your strengths. Start with what already works. Think about what actions make you feel good and build from there.

Reflect on why

Reflect on why those actions work for you. Reminding yourself how something makes you feel can help motivate you to do it.

Plan to do them

It’s the small things done regularly that really help. Plan how often you’d like to do these actions to enjoy the benefits.

Set your PACE with others

Developing your plan with someone else is a good approach. It will help you be accountable. It also means creating a shared understanding of what your wellbeing needs are.


In a world that can feel overwhelming, sometimes taking moments to pause is essential. Take the time you need to rest and reflect. To practice self-care. To engage in positive self-talk. This might mean:


Taking action is about doing the things that help you feel good and thrive. This might come from caring for your body or taking positive steps towards a goal. These actions could be small, big or somewhere in the middle. Some examples of taking action are:


Having a sense of connection can help you feel safe, grounded and valued. Think about how you invest in your relationship with others or with your community. With nature or spirituality. Or with something else. Being connected means different things to different people, but it could involve:


Think about the things that you know help spark joy in your day, whether big or small. Embrace them by making time for them. Or try something new. This might be: