Group Centre Activities

ADCS offers individuals with disabilities personalized access to a variety of social and recreational activities in both community hubs and the broader community.

Group/Centre Activities

ADCS provides access for people with disabilities to a range of social and recreational activities in our hubs and in the community. We provide one-on-one support and group-based programs tailored to meet your needs and goals. Our community hubs are a safe and comfortable space for you to make friends, learn important life skills, and have fun. Our programs and Hubs are designed to offer a multitude of activities that not only bring joy and fun but also significantly contribute to the empowerment and skill development of our participants.

Be Empowered. Be Skilled. Be Connected.

At ADCS, every day is an opportunity to grow, learn, and enjoy. Join our Day Program Hub for personal development, fun, and meaningful connections. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can support you in achieving your goals!

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FAQ for the Group Activities

Individuals can access support to participate in community, social, or recreational activities, which are conducted either in a center or within the community.

Offers non-facility support alongside direct assistance for participants. This includes tasks such as crafting communication books, creating and overseeing care plans, collecting data for goal review and reporting, and consistent research and planning tailored to the specific needs of participants.

NDIS participants have the opportunity to receive funding for daily activities as a component of their support plans. This enables them to engage in a spectrum of community, social, economic, and daily life activities. Occupational assistance is also provided to help participants secure or maintain jobs in both the open and supported job market.

No, Group Activities are designed for everyone. While some programs may cater to specific needs, many activities are open to the broader community, promoting inclusivity and social connection.