Advocacy policy

About this document

Supportive action involves aiding an individual in obtaining the necessary assistance. There might be occasions when you require the support of an advocate.

We are committed to facilitating your access to an advocate should the need arise.

Within this document, you will gain insights into:

  • The role and functions of advocates
  • The limitations of advocates
  • Our assistance capabilities
  • Guidance on locating an advocate


What is an advocate?

An advocate is someone who assists you in asserting your rights.

Advocates collaborate with you to discern your requirements and desires.

It is imperative that an advocate is a person whom you are familiar with and trust.


Who can serve as an advocate?

Various individuals can assume the role of an advocate.

  • A family member can serve as your advocate.
  • An individual from an external advocacy group can act as your advocate.
  • Someone from a legal organization, such as a lawyer, can also be your advocate.


What can advocates accomplish?

Advocates consistently ensure your safety and fulfillment of needs.

Advocates empower you to advocate for yourself.

They assist in identifying your necessities and articulate them on your behalf.

Advocates aid in document preparation and signing.

They facilitate the reporting of incidents and lodging complaints.


Limitations of advocates:

There are certain constraints on what advocates can undertake.

  • Advocates cannot assist with health treatments.
  • They cannot act as intermediaries in conflict resolution.
  • Advocates cannot make decisions for another person unless they are formally designated as their advocate.


How will we assist you?

Our staff members are informed about instances where an advocate might be necessary.

You have the right to choose your advocate, and we will support you in this decision.

We will collaborate with your chosen advocate, whether you wish to:

  • Be your own advocate
  • Engage a new advocate
  • Discontinue advocacy services


Finding an advocate:

We will aid you in locating and reaching out to your selected advocate.

You can inquire with our staff about advocate resources.

Utilize online tools like Google and the Disability Advocacy Finder to discover advocates in your vicinity.

Contact the relevant department overseeing advocacy in your state, and a comprehensive list of services in each state can be found on the NDIS website.