Feedback and complaints policy

Why do we Like Feedback and Complaints?

We value feedback and complaints as they play a crucial role in ensuring the quality of the services you receive.

Providing Feedback or Making a Complaint:

If you wish to provide feedback or make a complaint, you can visit the Feedbacks and Complaints section on our website.

What Happens When You Complain?

Your services will not be impacted by making a complaint. We encourage open communication and assure you that expressing negative feedback will not result in negative consequences for you. Your personal information will not be shared without your explicit consent.

Handling Complaints:

We review all feedback and complaints with the goal of making improvements. Our approach to managing complaints is fair, aiming for positive outcomes for you. You will not be made to feel bad for providing negative feedback.

How to Make a Complaint:

You can send us a message through the Feedbacks and Complaints section on our website. Additionally, you can make a complaint to the NDIS Commission by completing the complaint contact form or by contacting them by phone. If you require assistance in making a complaint, we are here to support you. You can also seek help from a family member, friend, or advocate.

Anonymous Complaints:

If you prefer, you can make a complaint without revealing your identity. An anonymous complaint means that we will not know who lodged the complaint. Despite the anonymity, we take all complaints seriously and work diligently to address the underlying issues.

To make an anonymous complaint, visit the Feedbacks and Complaints section on our website.