Our Person Centred Approach

What is a Person Centred Approach?

A person-centred approach revolves around ensuring that individuals with disabilities are at the centre of decisions that affect their lives. It is a process that involves active listening, collaboration, coaching, and seeking feedback to support individuals in achieving their personal goals. 

A fundamental aspect of a person-centered approach is Active Support. Active Support is a methodology that ensures individuals with disabilities receive the right amount of support – neither too much nor too little. It empowers individuals to take control of their lives, make choices, and actively participate in activities rather than relying on staff members to do things on their behalf. 

The Benefits of a Person-Centered Approach

What You Need to Know

Understanding Disability in Our Community

Every individual with a disability possesses a unique story shaped by personal experiences, aspirations, and dreams. Disability might be physical, cognitive, sensory, or psychiatric, but it’s essential to remember that it’s just one facet of a person. In the Greater Sydney Region, we celebrate this diversity, acknowledging the depth and richness it brings to our community tapestry.
This guide helps you use respectful words when talking about disabilities, promoting understanding and respect.
Different kinds of disabilities include physical, intellectual, sensory, and more, each with unique challenges.
We focus on your needs, preferences, and goals to create personalised support that suits you best.
These are numbers that show how many people have disabilities and help us understand their experiences and needs.
These are rules that ensure disability services are safe, high-quality, and accountable to provide the best care.