Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)

Medium-term accommodation (MTA) provides a temporary place to stay when your usual living arrangement is unavailable, or you need a break from your routine. It offers a comfortable and supportive environment for short- to medium-term periods.

MTA can be a valuable resource in your recovery journey, providing stability and respite when needed. It allows you to recharge, focus on your well-being, and avoid situations that may lead to stress or discomfort. This service is especially helpful during times of transition or when your primary caregiver requires temporary relief.

When you require MTA, our team will work with you to determine the duration and specific support needs during your stay. We’ll ensure you have access to a safe, welcoming environment, and our support staff will be available to assist you with any daily living tasks or activities you require assistance with. This short-term accommodation aims to provide you with a comfortable and secure place to rest and rejuvenate.