Suicide Prevention

Sometimes life can be overwhelming and suicide may seem like the only way to relieve the pain.

1 in 6 Australians will have thoughts of suicide at some point during their lives. Suicidal thoughts are common but they can pass. You don’t need to act on them.

On this page we’ll help you find information and support if you’re feeling suicidal, supporting someone else or have lost someone to suicide.

Suicide risk factors

The reasons that people take their own lives are often very complex. Risk factors (sometimes called vulnerability factors) can increase the likelihood of suicidal behaviour. 

Known risk factors for suicide include:

Suicide and mental health

If you’re feeling suicidal, please know that suicidal thoughts can pass. You don’t need to act on them.

Understand what suicidal thoughts are and how to stay safe if you’re feeling suicidal.

Suicidal behaviour indicates deep unhappiness, not necessarily a mental health issue. Many people living with mental health issues aren’t suicidal, and not all people who take their own lives have a mental health issue.